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Techstream Solutions is a leading IT Service Provider located in Sydney.  As such, we provide IT Support and Services to a diverse range of industries including medical, environmental and education to manufacturing, finance and more.   Established in 2012, Techstream Solutions offers the expertise and experience to provide exceptional IT Services to organisations in Sydney, throughout Australia and beyond.

As part of our comprehensive service structure, Techstream Solutions can provide Managed IT Services, Cyber Security solutions as well as business Connectivity.  In addition, we can provide Cloud Services including Office 365, Sharepoint and Azure to name a few.

Above all, our expert team of local System Engineers and Consultants are ready to deliver smarter technology solutions.  In other words, we understand the importance of technology for business, no matter the size of your enterprise.  Afterall, technology innovation increases value, enhances quality and boosts productivity.  As such, you can focus on your core business.

As your trusted IT Service Provider, Techstream Solutions endeavours to set your business up for success!  Our primary focus is to understand our client’s requirements so we can develop the ideal IT environment for their business.  As a result, we are committed to ensuring our clients’ remain our No. 1 priority.

business it support packages

Our Business IT Support Packages

Techstream Solutions acknowledges that clients have different requirements when providing IT support and services.  As a result, we have successfully developed our three tiered Support Stream Packages.  Charged at a fixed monthly rate, these packages are designed to offer flexibility, value for money and varied levels of support services to meet the expectations and requirements of organisations no matter what their size may be.  Whether you require basic support,  wish to design your own support package, or are after an all-encompassing IT Support solution, Techstream Solutions has your business covered.

business it support packages

White Stream is designed for businesses who require flexible ITC support service and consultancy solutions on a needs basis with the benefits of a no locked in contract. Enjoy a comprehensive range of technological resources available to utilise whenever may be required.
Package benefits
:: Proactive monitoring
:: Access to a local Help Desk support team
:: Free on-going consultancy
:: No locked in contract

business it support packages

Green Stream is highly recommended for businesses who are searching for a comprehensive ITC service and support solution with the flexibility to tailor your specific requirements to suit your business.  It is ideally suited for businesses with limited or no support infrastructure, whereby you enjoy the freedom to design your own package based on a comprehensive selection of support services.
Does your business require : 
:: Infrastructure and network implementations
:: On-going technical support
:: Bespoke and industry based software support
:: Assisting existing internal technology departments

business it support packages

Stream 360 is an all-encompassing monitoring, support and maintenance package designed for businesses of all sizes.   Techstream Solutions will effectively become your “ITC Department”, taking over the stresses and management of your day to day technology environment.
Package benefits
:: Local priority Help Desk support
:: Proactive monitoring and maintenance
:: Industry leading security and policy based protection
:: Business development consultancy